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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Perhaps I should warn you

 right off the bat, that this posting is a vent. Then again, maybe I shouldn't, because you might chose to not keep reading if I did. ... Which to do? I'll think about that while I keep typing.

    It happened again yesterday afternoon. This time, it was with yet another specialized medical professional. Yes, I've had it happen with quite a number of them over the years. Just as I've experienced it with child development professionals. And insurance provider representatives. And a whole slew of other "specialist" in their particular fields.
   Just the fact that they had the opportunity to become specialized in their particular field, should be a clue to them that everything and everybody is not/are not the same. But somehow, many of them seem to miss that, the simplest of facts.

    While not coming right out and stating such, this specialist made it very clear that she was not interested in our in-put. She was not interested in why we did or do things the way we did or do them. We were suppose to listen to her in-put and then go forth and act upon it, as though the voice of God was coming forth through her lips. And no folks, I am not being sacrilegious here.
   There was to be one course of action if we truly wanted results (which of course, was after all what we wanted, right?!). The idea of setting up a course of action based upon us the patients and what might fit us best, was never even a consideration.

    Why is it that so many people can not think outside the box?!?!!!! Why is it they flat out refuse to accept the fact, that all of us people, while alike in many ways, are also different in even more ways? Everybody's life styles are not the same. In part, because everybody does not work the same work schedules. Nor do they make the same level of income. Nor do they have the same interests or likes in foods, or hobbies, or anything else for that matter. We do not all fit in neat and tidy little box's. The cool part is, we're not even suppose to. God didn't design us to. It's us humans that came up with that stupid notion. And try to force it upon one another, then wonder about all of the chaos that it creates. (insert puckered brow and rolling eyes here).

    "Adapting" is not always a huge no-no!!! When you get married, you must do some adapting to the things your spouse likes, and the way they do certain things. Once a couple has children, the couple must do some 'adapting' to fit the interest and likes of the child and then multiple children into their life.
    In a schools classroom, not all children learn exactly the same way. Thus it is in the best interest of the class, if the teacher finds ways to incorporate the eyes, the ears, and the hands (besides just holding a pencil) in the learning process.
    While different businesses might do the exact same thing in essence, they have their own ways of doing it.
    And while our human bodies might pretty much all contain the basic same components, we never the less aren't all wired exactly the same. If we were, some people wouldn't be anemic, while others aren't. Some people wouldn't fight blood sugar issues, while others don't. Some people whom work out all of the time and follow super healthy diets, wouldn't still have heart issues. Etc.

    And then there is the fact that life happens. On a regular basis. We must base our decisions on what we know, and then try our best to flow with what we don't know that never fails to come along.
    Yesterday's specialist was vexed from the get go, over the fact that I had chosen to wait to start on the medication that they had pre-prescribed for me. My reasoning's for doing such did not matter. Period. I was in the wrong!  My reasoning's? That I had misunderstood one of the possible side effects, and I did not want that possibility mixing in with the Christmas holiday. Also the fact that my neurologist had switched my medications due to the side effects I was having from the one they had put me on. Which meant going off of the other one for two weeks before starting the new one, so that we could more clearly see which symptoms went with which medication. Adding yet another new medication would blur things even more, right? Yes, according to my Dr.. Yes, according to my neurologist. But NO! according to this new specialist. Bother!!! (insert rolling eyes, again).

    Like I said, life happens, on a regular basis. While not coming right out and saying she didn't think Vertigo was that big of a deal, this specialist doubted my limited abilities due to vertigo at every turn. May she never experience it herself and be shockingly set straight.
    She also thought that gaining 20 pounds in one years time was past appalling. Brian was so sweet to reassure me later, that it broke down to less than two pounds a month for the year that I've had vertigo, which, considering the extreme limited activity during those months, that's impressively low weight gain.

   Brian and I are going to take what she said, and go over the materials she sent home with us, and apply and adapt them to us. YES, we do want to fix the problem. But we also want to do so on a long term basis. And we know that for that to happen, we must be realistic about it.
   And next week when we must go back to her again, we will again wear our polite faces and listen, and then come home and adapt some more. Cuz we're polite like that!  o;-)

   Well, I decided to leave the opening to this posting the way I had started it. Curious as to whether any of you kept reading or not. If ya did. Thanks. I, for one, feel much better for having vented! :->


  1. came via email - "I read it all Cheryl!!! If your not comfortable with this doctor you really should maybe see if there is another doctor in the same office that might suit you better. Some doctors are just high and mighty aren't they? I am dealing with HUGH health issues right now and am thankful that I have come across some caring doctors, but I'm sure that I'll come across one just like you have at some point. I'll pray for you........will you pray for me too? I'm having high blood sugar issues and heart issues.
    Jill R."

  2. came via email - "Stick to your guns—in this case! Love you, (Cheryl's) Dad"


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