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Friday, January 28, 2011

Laughter - what a medicine!! ;->

   The other day I mentioned how I often receive emails which I have dubbed the "feel good" kind. Well, I also frequently receive humorous ones. Yes, sometimes the exact same one the same day or a day apart from certain sources, but that's okay, because I know how to read one and delete another. And yes, often I receive ones that have been around so many times that I know them by their titles. But that's okay too, because amongst all of them, a few ones I haven't seen before slip in. Some I only find 'okay', others are rather comical, but some strike me as down right hilarious!!
    When I mentioned the "feel good" type the other day, I'd had no intentions what-so-ever of turning around and then doing a posting about the "comical" type. But then yesterday morning I opened one of that type from my Aunt Carol that qualified under the "down right hilarious", at least in my opinion, and so I immediately decided to do a posting about the comical type as well.
    So-o,  just like I did with that one email my dad had forwarded to me, I am going to forward this comical one of my aunt's to you as well.

    The title of the email was, "This is a HOOT………."
    The body of the email read, "This lady, a resident of a retirement community in Omaha , N.E., was asked to give the invocation at a dinner/convention of retirement community managers. She does so, but then decides to add a few words of her  own..."
     It then had a link to a You-Tube clip. Most often, due to the age of my computer, I am unable to access You-Tube clips. But this one it both down loaded AND allowed me to watch. And am I ever thankful it did! I tell you folks, I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming!!!
     I hope that you too enjoy it like I did. And, I hope that the words the sweet lady shared in the video touch your heart as well. They did mine.

                    CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO.

  ~  Laughter really IS the BEST medicine!!!!! :->  ~

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