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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

laugh fest

    March 10 - 20 promises to be full of laughter here in Grand Rapids, MI this year!!! Those are the dates for our local Gilda's Club 10th anniversary.
    The only original info. I had, was that three particular comedians were going to be part of this years "laugh fest" here in G.R.. So I started my search for information by typing in "Laugh Fest in G. R. MI".
    The first lead I followed was a clip on one of our local TV/News stations web page - WZZM-13. In their info. I read, "Carroll Velie, Co-Chair Laugh-Fest notes, "Our Gilda's Club is one of the most successful Gilda's Clubs in the nation." " 
      And then "... funny fundraiser that will include 50 some comedians performing at 25 venues over the course of ten days in March. Big names include Betty White and Bill Cosby." Brian had seen a bill board stating that Gabriel Iglesias (aka: "fluffy" - chocolate cake guy ;-p) had also agreed to join the line up.
     I followed the lead on that page to the Gilda's LaughFest official page. I first clicked under the "comedy" title and read, "Comedy ....The biggest of our four festival categories…".  Appropriate for a Gilda festival! You can click HERE to see the comedians they have lined up.
    Under the "Call For Talent" label I read, "What makes YOU laugh?  Showcases are forming and Gilda’s Laughfest is currently booking acts – from amateur and professional talent, to anything in between.   If you like to laugh, or make others laugh, come share “What Makes You Laugh!”  Go HERE if your interested in being a part of their "version of American Idol of laughter with you on stage".
   Under the label "Performance  & Film" it starts, "Laughter for stage and movie enthusiasts ....Wanna watch?  Kick back and be entertained by live performances or a variety of funny films."  Click HERE to read more just on that.
    And then there was the category "Seriously Funny Stuff" which started off with, "Other things which make YOU laugh.   Experience! Here’s where you’ll find seriously funny stuff so original we had to create a catch-all category for it.  Below is our list-to-date…"  Click HERE to see that list.
    Of course you need tickets for everything. You can follow a link on the sites main web page to get  information about them.

     It seems that good ole' Grand Rapids, MI is becoming the host to a lot of big events!

     In THIS posting I mentioned how they have been filming more movies here.

     I've told you about how our city is currently hosting the Princess Diana exhibit.

     Above I told you about this years 'menu' for our local Gilda's Club yearly fund raiser.

     And Grand Rapids also hosts what's called "ArtPrize".  The dates for ArtPrize 2011 are: Sept 21st - Oct. 9th. The first paragraph on their web page reads, "ArtPrize is a radically open competition. Open to any artist in the world who can find space. Open to anybody in Grand Rapids, Michigan who wants to create a venue. Open to a vote from anyone who attends."  To visit ArtPrize's web page, click HERE.
     Lots of events to enjoy right here in mid-west MI. :-) 

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  1. Hi there! I'm a first time visitor to your blog (I actually got the link from Facebook - Breanna is my sister Reva's bestie). Just wanted to say that I've only just started reading, but I'm enjoying this blog quite a bit! Thank you for writing it.


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