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Saturday, December 18, 2010

We weren't allowed to enter

    Brian once worked as a sales rep. for a company, which at least at the time, was the worlds leading distributor of electronic components and computer systems in the industrial market. That job included such things as expense accounts, wineing and dining clients, etc.. They also hosted frequent parties and nice dinners out, for their staff and spouses. They did so as 'office moral boosters'.
    We were all instructed to meet up at the assistant managers house, of the branch Brian worked at, for appetizers before one such dinner out. Dinner that evening was booked to be at a higher scale restaurant, so all of us were dressed up!
    When we arrived at the assistant managers home, the front porch light was off and there were no lights shining out from directly inside the front of the home. However, one of the overhead doors on the attached garage was wide open and the lights inside the garage were on. "O-kay ...".  Tentatively we ventured into the garage and rapped on the door into the house. It was opened by our host. Yes, we were at the right place.
    Their home was in what was at the time a newer development. It was a nice tri-level home with the afore-mentioned attached garage. Once everybody was assembled, we were offered a tour of the home. It proved to be an oh so interesting tour!!!
    When we started down the hallway towards the front of the house, the hostess finally flipped on the lights in the front entry. We learned that the front door is reserved for only the specialist of occasions. To the point that it had only been used once. Normally she'd just shout through the attached side window for people to go back and enter through the garage.
     And then there was their living room. It was all done in white. White curtains. White upholstery on the furniture. White mini shag carpeting. WHITE!!! But the thing that really got us was, that the wide entrance into the room was blocked by a set of those metal poles and fabric covered chains like movie theaters use. According to the host, the room had only been occupied once (except for the hostesses every other day cleaning of it). By him. And he had never been forgiven for it, even though his reasoning for having used the room, was seeking refuge while his wife (our hostess) was hosting a 'girl friends' night (which she too admitted had been the case). No "living" went on in that room!!!

    There is a "living room" in a home that we frequent often, that while we are allowed to use the room, there are HIGH stipulations attached!  I like to sit with one foot up underneath me. I learned that feet are not allowed on the furniture! And no, I did not have shoes on - shoes MUST be left inside the back door!
    You also may not take your Pepsi in there with you. "All food must remain in the kitchen". Period.  And if you use one of the throw blankets that are in there, make sure you return it to the exact same spot, folded the exact same way as how you found it. I won't go on, I'm sure your getting the idea.

    And then there is our own living room. My old "don't just dump things on the floor" is apparently what led to them always depositing things on the couches - to the point that often every seat is full, and yet nobody is sitting down. 8-/. Instead of a regular 'coffee table', I use one of my old flat topped steamer trunks. At times, it gets moved out of the way so that wrestling may be pursued. At other times, it is used as a foot rest for long legged sons (or moved closer for the shorter legged one ;-p). And sometimes it's top is emptied so a delivered pizza can be set there. Ours is a MUCH 'lived in' living room!!!

    For the record, the first home mentioned did have a 'family room', the other two do not. We'll talk about family rooms in a couple of days.

    This month, our blog is doing a skim through of sorts, of the book, "PRETTY NEAT - the buttoned-up way to get organized and let go of perfection" (which was co-authored by Alicia Rockmore and Sarah Welch, from 'Get Buttoned Up' ). We are currently in chapter eight (8), which is titled, 'CLEAR  THE  CLUTTER  AT  HOME'.

    What is YOUR living room like?
    If yours is actually used,
      - What challenges with keeping some form of order in there, have you encountered with your family?
      - What method's have you found helpful in controlling what has a tendency to collect there, but doesn't actually belong in that area?
      - What organizational methods have you put to use for the stuff that you do want kept in there for easy accessibility?
    Honest, we really want to know! For one, there are others whom might benefit from implementing your tactics. And then there is of course the fact that it just might win you $250!! ;->  Remember, that while you might not think your methodology is all that impressive, you can't be sure that they (the books authors and contest judges) look at things the same way you do, and thus they might like something a LOT that you think is only 'okay'. ;-)

    Don't worry, if you do not have a blog of your own, you can use "anonymous" to leave your comment under. HOWEVER, you MUST include your name in order to get credit for the organizational tip or shortcut ("methodology")!!!

    Looking forward to reading what methods you use (you are going to share them with us, r-i-g-h-t ..?  o;-p)

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    Reminder: use the "link" in the side bar of our blog, to go back to the original posting which introduced this book and the connected drawings. Then, leave your "organization tip or short-cut" (methodology) under that posting. That way, it will be counted for our overall number and they will be sure and find it to consider it in drawing #2. :-)  Thanks!!! ;->

     Brian and Cheryl B. from, The Bz House That Love Built

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