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Thursday, December 30, 2010

"tidbit" from chapter 11

     "TAME YOUR INBOXES" is the title of chapter eleven of the book, "PRETTY NEAT - the buttoned-up way to get organized and let go of perfection" (which was co-authored by Alicia Rockmore and Sarah Welch, from 'Get Buttoned Up' ), which our blog has been doing a skim through of sorts this month.
    Today's exerts come from page one hundred and forty eight (the last page of the chapter), starting with the last part of the second paragraph on the page. "... You can take control in three simple steps."
   " * Set Clear Parameters: The first step to regaining some semblence of control is to set parameters - - for yourself and for others. That means cutting down on the number of modes you use to communicate. ...."
   " * Reduce Unnecessary Volume: You can't focus on the important stuff when you're inundated with messages you don't really need or want. ..."
   " * Establish Simple Systems: Set up a simple, easy - to - manage system that keeps your inbox organized. ..."

    How many "inboxes" do you have? Such as, how many email accounts do you personally have? Facebook pages? Blogs? Twitter Accounts? Tweets? Snail mail? Answering machine? Cellphone? And in today's world, the possibilities go on... What have you done to get or keep control over your inboxes?  We really would like to hear!! And we would be thrilled if your idea won you the $250!!!!!

   Remember, tomarrow is the last day to submit your organizational tips or short cuts, due to the deadline being Dec. 31st! (FRIDAY OF THIS WEEK!!!!!)

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    Reminder: use the "link" in the side bar of our blog, to go back to the original posting which introduced this book and the connected drawings. Then, leave your "organization tip or short-cut" (methodology) under that posting. That way, it will be counted for our overall number and they will be sure and find it to consider it in drawing #2. :-)  Thanks!!! ;->

     Brian and Cheryl B. from, The Bz House That Love Built

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