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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"tidbit" from Chapter 10

      This month, our blog has been doing a skim through of sorts, of the book, "PRETTY NEAT - the buttoned-up way to get organized and let go of perfection" (which was co-authored by Alicia Rockmore and Sarah Welch, from 'Get Buttoned Up' ). We are now up to chapter ten (10), which is titled,"CLEAR  THE  CLUTTER  AT  WORK".

      Today's exerts come from page one hundred and twenty two (122), starting with the second paragraph on the page. "Clutter at work is a silent killer. It drains you of energy, saps productivity, and potentially costs you the esteem of colleagues and bosses. Psychological researchers have found that the constant barrage of clutter we face at work leads to higher levels of cardiovascular stress, impaired judgment, and a noticeable drop in civility to others. (1) Stress, bad judgment, and crankiness - - -  not high on the list of career-advancing traits, are they?"
    (Third paragraph on page) "Why is clutter at work such a problem? For starters, it acts as a visual white noise that your eyes and brain have to process. The additional stimuli constantly distracts you from work you really need to do. And it's not like you can just close the door and pretend it doesn't exist. You spend roughly half of your waking hours working, so your constantly reminded of your general state of disorganization and your lack of gumption in tackling it."
   (First part of fourth paragraph on the page) "Clutter is a time suck, too. According to a recent survey of the National Association of Professional Organizers, people who are disorganized at work estimate that they waste between thirty minutes to an hour each day hunting for a lost document or something else they need. (2)"

     What short cuts have you taken at your place of employment, which has helped you keep things organized and findable?

    What things have you done that you can give us a 'tip' about?

    Remember, you only have two more days to do so, due to the deadline being Dec. 31st! Believe it or not, your simple little trick really could earn you $250!

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    Reminder: use the "link" in the side bar of our blog, to go back to the original posting which introduced this book and the connected drawings. Then, leave your "organization tip or short-cut" (methodology) under that posting. That way, it will be counted for our overall number and they will be sure and find it to consider it in drawing #2. :-)  Thanks!!! ;->

     Brian and Cheryl B. from, The Bz House That Love Built

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(1) P. Waddington, "Dying for information? A report on the effects of information overload in the UK and worldwide," 1997, www.cni.org/regconfs/1997/ukoin-content/rep-13.html.

(2) NAPO, 2009 Get Organized Month Survey, June 30, 2009, www.napo.net

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