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Sunday, December 19, 2010

more fun library 'details' :-)

    They recently aired the new animated version of the movie "Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus", and Brian had set our DVR to record it. Due to everything going on at our church today, mixed with Brian being both the main sound guy and the church janitor, he only had a couple of hours of down time today. He decided that it was the perfect time to watch that recorded show.
    We really enjoyed it!
    But the reason I'm blogging about it, is to tell you about the librarian and her wonderful rolling along the shelves ladder.
    As most of you know, I have always wanted to have a big library in my home. One with lots of wonderful books in it. And comfortable seats to curl up in, when you weren't tugged to sit in it's fabulous window seat. And I want one of those attached to the shelves ladders. You know, the type that roll along on the metal rails attached to the top and the bottom of the extremely high shelves.
   The movie we watched this afternoon, had one of those in it. A WONDERFUL one of those!! It went around the entire room!!! And the librarian knew how to get it moving pretty quickly too ;-p.
   The librarian was delightful. She kept getting so excited, that her own volume would go up, and then she'd shush herself. Comical!  Delightful!!!
    I had worked in our schools library during middle school. I had mentioned this fact to both Debbie G. and Kate (separately) a couple of years ago, while talking about how maybe I should apply for the librarian position I had seen posted, while driving Debbie to the library. Of their own accord, they both pointed out identical reasoning's why they thought working in a library would probably not be a good job for me.
    According to them:
    a) I would be putting away returns, a different nearby book on the shelves would catch my eye, and I would end up sitting right there on the floor reading it, and not appreciate library patrons interrupting me wanting help. 
    b) I would start discussing with a library visitor, the book they were either checking out or returning, and get so excited about it, that I would be the one always needing shushed (or always shushing myself).
    c) Somebody would come up to the desk with a book they wanted to check out, and I'd be likely to tell them "you don't want that book!!! Here, I'll show you a better one!"
     Gee-sh .... do my friends know me or what? o;-p

   Well, since I shouldn't work in a library, I guess I need one of my own......  o:-)

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