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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good Intentions

     We are absolutely sure that a whole bunch of you have had 'good intentions' regarding posting at least one of the organizational methodologies you use in your home. You know, an organizational tip or 'short cut' that then automatically earns you the possibility of winning $250.00. ( If your not sure what we are referring to, go HERE. )
    Right now, we're sure your muttering such lines as, "I've been meaning to", or "I'm fixin to", or even "I figured I would after Christmas".
     Well, it's now after Christmas. But even more importantly in conjunction with these drawings, is the fact that the deadline to enter is New Years Eve. You know, December 31st, 2010. THREE days from now!!!!
    So behold, NOW is the time to do so! No-o-o, not tomorrow - NOW!!!

    Can't remember what it was you were thinkin on givin an idea about? Go to our blog, scroll down the right hand column, and click on the titles from the postings we did in the month of December. We're quite sure a whole slew of things will come to mind. Go ahead, submit each and every one of them! Really!  Remember, what seems ever so simple and basic of a solution to you, might be just the tip that somebody else is going to slap themselves in the forehead and declare, "Why didn't I think of that?!?!!!" over. (Please, only tap yourselves! Refrain from knocking yourselves out!!!  o;-p) And then there is also the possibility that the books editors might decide, that that is just the type of tip they were hoping to stumble across, and award you the $250!

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    Reminder: use the "link" in the side bar of our blog, to go back to the original posting which introduced this book and the connected drawings. Then, leave your "organization tip or short-cut" (methodology) under that posting. That way, it will be counted for our overall number and they will be sure and find it to consider it in drawing #2. :-)  Thanks!!! ;->

     Brian and Cheryl B. from, The Bz House That Love Built

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    The above is in reference to
the skim through of sorts, which our blog has been doing of the book, "PRETTY NEAT - the buttoned-up way to get organized and let go of perfection" (which was co-authored by Alicia Rockmore and Sarah Welch, from 'Get Buttoned Up' ).

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