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Monday, December 20, 2010

CUTE gifts from Joanna :-D!

      Joanna T. is a very sweet young friend of mine. For the record, she is in her mid twenties. But that qualifies her as young, seeings how she is just over half my age. ;-p
      I always enjoy the times that we 'hang' together and I get to hear so much about her life. And she always has ways of making me laugh! As you know, I love to laugh!!!!

     One Christmas (I'm pretty sure it was last year) she made and gave me this adorable little snowman. Pink accessories - too cute!  The base is filled with some sort of stuff which feels like mini pop corn kernels.

    After Brian arrived home from church last evening, he came up to check on me. If I was asleep, or laying down due to struggling with high vertigo symptoms, he was gonna let me rest. But if I was up and about, he had some Christmas stuff for me and wanted to know if I wanted to go down and eat. I was up and about working on a project I'll tell you about soon.
    I sat down on our bed to look at the Christmas stuff.
   First he handed me this cute little basket. At the time, both of the gifts in it were wrapped.

     The basket itself has been sprayed winter blue and is lined with a blue background Christmas patterned material.
    The smaller package (that the tree is sitting on) smells oh so peanut buttery. And it looks like fudge. I meant to try some last night, but forgot to take a glass of water back upstairs with me after I ate. :-[  Is it lunch time yet? o;-p
    And then there was the Christmas tree she had made for me. The adorable 'cutesy' Christmas tree!

     It is seven (7) inches tall from the top tip of the star down to the base (I just went and measured).
    The base is a flat round wood dowel (?).
    Glued to the top of that, is a wood thread spool.
    There is a length of green yarn glued around the spool.

    Going up out of the center of the spool, is a round wooden dowel.
    The 'branches' (body) of the tree are made out of various Christmas patterned materials.
        I checked, but there are no seams in the material, I hope she leaves us a comment telling us how she did these!  The material is like it's folded in half (so that it can be 'puffed up') and then gathered in the center with the wood dowel thread through the middle of the gathered part. Does that make sense?

     I like the materials she chose! They compliment one another and yet have contrast, thus making each section visible. Nice!

    At the top of the tree, a wooden star is glued to the wooden dowel so that the middle of the star is where the dowel ends. The front of the star is swirly patterned, and has a layer of sparklie glue applied.

   In all, I would guess that the tree is about three and a half (3 1/2) inches round.  And cute!

   The reason that I gave so many 'details' about it is, I KNOW some of you are gonna want to make these yourself. Both for yourself. And to give as gifts. Let me know if you do so I can spread the smile to Joanna T.

    Brian also had several Christmas cards for me to look at  :-D.
    Amongst them was one from some friends whom usually give us fruit baskets. This year, it contained cash. THANKS friends!!!! I'll try to make sure I post about what we use it for. ;-)

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