We have had lots of struggles and challenges in our lives, but we've had even more blessings!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


   A song came on the satellite kids radio station we were listening to while traveling with 3 of our GRAND kids this past weekend, that Brian and I rated "JUST GREAT!!!".  I had pulled out my notebook and scribbled down the name of the singer and the song.  I was sure I could find it on YouTube or something and share it with all of my facebook 'friends' that I know are Harry Potter fans.
   I searched and I searched, but could not find one good link to share ;-\  However, through persistence, I did come up with a way for you to get the overall just of it.  [for the record, I am not techie enough to know if you can do this on your smart phones, or if you will have to get to a full computer to do so, but I think it will be worth your effort to do whichever way it takes ;->]
   First, open up a screen/tab for this web address - http://www.stevegoodie.com/kids/lyrics02.html  Scroll down quite a ways to the section with the dark blue back ground. The lyrics for the first song in that section is "Quidditch Ball Wizard". Don't start reading the words quite yet...
   Second, open up an additional screen/tab for this web address -  http://www.madmusic.com/song_details.aspx?SongID=508 in the gold square on the left, click to 'play sample'. Then QUICKLY switch back to the first screen/tab you had opened and read the lyrics while the music plays. Seeings how it's only a sample, the whole song does not play, but it plays enough for you to get a feel for the song and have it keep playing in your head while you finish reading the lyrics.
  "That magically inclined kid, sure plays a mean quidditch ball!" 

   PLEASE let us know if you too enjoyed (and even laughed) at it.

For purposes of giving credit where credit is due, the name of the song is "Mean Quidditch Ball" and it was written and performed by Steve Goodie. It is a Parody of "Pinball Wizard" by The Who.

Monday, March 7, 2016

We witnessed the most romantic little scene

  It was within minutes of 6:00 pm last evening, when while on our way to something, we stopped for a stop sign and were ever so glad we had needed to. The road we were on was ending and we had to turn onto the street it ended at. Straight ahead of us, I spotted a guy helping somebody from a car in the driveway by the little house. It captured my attention. After a moment, it looked like he must be helping a lady out in a long nightgown. But I wasn't positive that was what the material I was seeing. I kind of shrugged and thought maybe he was bringing her home from the hospital. Then I was able to see more of the material, definitely not a night gown. And then, when she stepped free of the car, 'is it really?' my mind wondered. I turned to ask Brian, figuring we were still sitting there waiting for on coming traffic, but no, he too was lost in the unfolding scene.
  She was wearing a full length, no train, beautiful, creamish colored, wedding dress, covered around her arms and upper body by a white fur, tight fitting cape. Her hair was all done up and she was holding a small bouquet that seemed to be wild flowers or something. I really wanted to see it closer! Told Brian I wished the camera was in the car so I could zoom in to see 'details'.
   Smiling ear to ear, the young (to us) man, straightened up, straightened his suit jacket, offered her his arm and they proceeded up what must have been a sidewalk to the side door of the house. He unlocked the door, they talked for a moment, then grinning ear to ear he hurried back down the sidewalk while she stood waiting by the door. He jumped in the car, drove it to the garage at the back of the property, jumped out, said something to her while waving keys in the air and hustled to unlock the overhead garage door, opened the door, then hustled back to the car and backed it into the garage.
   We figured he'd come hustling right back out, but he didn't, to the point we wondered what he was doing. In reality, it probably didn't take him that long, but we were so wanting to see what was going to happen next and desperately hoping no car would come up behind us.
   The bride was standing next to the door waiting. She turned her head to look down the street a couple of times, seemed to shiver and pull her cape tighter a couple of times, once, we thought she had turned her head far enough that she spotted us, but we weren't sure. She was on the other side of what we're guessing to be a rose trellis (or maybe that description just fits the romantic-ness of the situation best ;-]).
   Finally, the groom appeared in the door way of the garage. He closed and locked the overhead door, then came hustling forward, wearing a small sized duffel bag over one shoulder and proudly holding a floral (almost gift shaped bag) up in the air with the other arm. He rushed towards his bride, beaming with happiness.
    When he got to her, she stepped back while he entered the house and sat the bags inside. He stepped back out, they said something, then he reached in to the house to sit the bouquet in there. Then he did what we had been wondering if he was going to do. He bent and swept his bride up in his arms and carried her over the threshold. They had disappeared in to the house.
   I giggled with happiness. What a cute, sweet, intimate, romantic scene, we had just been privileged to witness!
   Brian questioned if it had been a Sunday wedding. I said that maybe it had been Sat. and she had put her dress back on to arrive at their new home in. They had seemed to have overnight bags. Then again, her hair was all done up nice... .  
    We hope they strive to keep including little romantic touches in their marriage as they progress on in life.
    We thanked the Lord for the absence of other traffic as we continued on our way.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I've sold wreaths :-}

    Back on March 20th of 2015, somebody had left this comment on our blog, "Heard you sold a wreath, tell us more about it".  That was right after I'd had my first order off my etsy shop. I waited to write it, so that I could include the comment from the buyer. Never got one. Which me, being me, made me question if they hadn't really liked it, o-r .... ? 
    Since then, I've sold several wreaths. Some were orders I shipped to unknown people. Some were sold to people I know in real life. Then recently, I received a message from a lady, inquiring if I'd do special orders and if I'd make extra large sized wreaths. My answer was yes to both.
    It turned out that she really liked one of the "spring grass" wreaths I have listed and she wanted two (2!) of them made on 30 inch frames.  I gave her a quote, she was fine with the price. She questioned if the shipping price was per wreath, or if they could be shipped together. I replied that I 'should' be able to ship both in one box for $__ . She answered that not only did she want to order two extra large wreaths, she also wanted me to go ahead and add her order to my site, so she could pay for it. I was thrilled!
   It took me a couple of weeks, but I got both wreaths made and a ride to the place I ship from. The next morning, I sent this message to the lady,
   "Your wreaths are on their way :-> They are coming to you via FedEx Ground Home Delivery Tracking #:______________ .
    Remember when I said, "By putting both in one box, it 'should' be able to go out for $55.00. " Well, I was wrong. W-a-y wrong 8-/. Turns out, that the size of the box needed, made a huge difference in the price of shipping it. While it wasn't very heavy, they charge for how much room a package takes up in their delivery vehicles. That, combined with the distance the wreaths were traveling, came to a shipping price of $102.17 . And that was the lowest price I could get amongst the various shipping options. I was literally stunned!
    I enjoy checking every day to see how far packages have traveled :-]"

   That cost for shipping not only stripped me of any profit, but also cost me. But I had set the price, so I sent them to her, figuring lesson learned. Turned out that God not only taught me a lesson, He also had grace planned out for me as well, because the very same day the lady replied, "I will be happy to pay the difference in shipping if you set up an invoice for me. I can't wait to receive the wreaths." I literally had tears of joy as I replied back, "Thank-you ever so much!! !! I will set one up as soon as I figure out how to do so ;-b" 
   I never did figure out the "how". Instead, Byron used his phone to take a picture of the receipt and I sent her this email, "Hi ____ :-]    Cheryl B. here.  I could not figure out how to set up an additional invoice on etsy. So instead, I'm sending you the info. this way. If you know how to go ahead and pay me through Pay Pal, please do. Otherwise, I'll give you my mailing address so you can send the money to me.  THANKS AGAIN for being willing to do this!!!
   The total for shipping was $102.17 - $55.00 (you paid) = $47.17  (difference)
    there should be a copy of my receipt attached to this email ;-] "
   She didn't know how to use paypal like that either. So I sent her my mailing address. Yesterday, I sent her this message, "Hi _____ :-]   the check arrived today, THANK-YOU!!  According to shipping notification the wreaths were delivered to you this weekend. Hoping you like them.   Cheryl B."
    Before I went to bed last night, I checked to see if she'd replied. She had. "I was gonna email you today.  I received the wreaths on Sat.  They are beautiful.  Thank you!! I am hoping to hang it this weekend as it's supposed to rain for the next couple days.  Thanks again."  I sent back, "your absolutely WELCOME!!!  :-]  and thanks for the compliment! ;->"
     I was so-o-o-o-o excited and happy last night, that it took quite awhile to go to sleep. :->  I'm still thrilled to pieces!!! 
    Here's the wreaths I made for her -

And here's the link to my shop -   https://www.etsy.com/shop/CraftedbyPinkbunnies

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Entertainment via Netflix :->

   Due to my now long (6 years) reining title of 'Ms. Vertigo' , I have watched a LOT of TV. It started off as just TV. Then a son got us Netflix. I not only learned how to work that remote while also having to work the TV remote (ours is hooked up via a Play-station system), but I also learned to navigate and find shows I liked. I've found  A LOT of them. o;-] Such as:

Netflix Shows (Series) I've Enjoyed:
Drop Dead Diva (the first few seasons)
The Glades (first few seasons)
Monarch of the Glen (several seasons)
McLeod's Daughters ( a slew of seasons!!)
Firefly (watch the show FIRST, then watch the movie Serenity)

Movies I've enjoyed that are on Netflix:
Quartet (watch the credits too!!!)

Shows (Series) I've enjoyed on HULU:

And recently, thanks to friends posting about it on Facebook, I've found another good way to search Netflix.

Lots of friends have asked me for recommendations, and I of course can always only think of one or two at the time ( 8-/)... now I can refer them to this list ;-]

I'm curious, what shows have you found and enjoyed?!!

Friday, February 5, 2016

An Elliot memory from Christmas break :-]

"What's on my mind?" An Elliot memory from Christmas break :-] 
   I had been up for awhile, was in the midst of making choc. chip cookies, when a young voice literally startled me from behind by saying "Morning Grammy". Without glancing back, I said, "Morning sweetheart". A very offended grumpy voice replied, "I'm not Analyse, I'm Elliot!". Bother! Trying to lighten things, I said, "We're you being funny and trying to surprise me by using your Analyse voice? giggle..."  "NO!"  S-i-g-h. And he's usually the happy one in the morning. I asked if he wanted to help me make cookies. "NO!".  Decided to keep my mouth shut and see what happens. He disappeared for a couple of minutes, then was back, playing just inside the dining room doorway with something.
   I had just decided that I'd made enough for whatever it was going on that particular day and was going to stick the rest of the batter in the fridge and start chopping onions, when Elliot wandered in and wanted to help with the cookies. I decided to see if we could do both. Usually, I have them grab a wad of dough and roll it into balls, but there's always the "is this the right size?" dilemma going on. I put parchment paper on a fresh pan and flopped a dozen blobs at one end, that way all he had to do was roll them into shape. I then started cutting onions on the other counter. This process worked good for the first two and a half pans, then he got a bit bored/ yet creative. He'd roll them into a ball, then flatten his hands and roll them out into more of a hot dog shape. After squishing it, he'd roll it back into a ball and with great flourish present it on the palm of his hand with a "ta-DA!". He is such a fun character!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Such music to my ears

   A hard hitting, forever lasting, cold virus, hit our home this summer. It wasn't the nasty runny nose type. Rather, it was the type that induces coughing, that turns into deep painful coughing, combined with horrible drainage. The cold not only hit me, it flared my asthma. It got to the point that you couldn't talk without being interrupted by coughing. And then came the day that singing was not even an option.
   I always sing to our GRAND children at rest time. I sing while I rock the youngest one to sleep. Then the next youngest gets to climb into my lap. I'm honestly not sure who enjoys it more, me, or the GRAND children.
   But the day came when with a sad heavy heart, I had to tell them I wasn't going to be able to sing today, they just needed to lay nice and quietly and rest. "Why?". "Because I can't stop coughing and I can't breathe right". Very sad sounding okay-s were replied. All was silent for three or four minutes, then with hesitancy in his young voice, just turned four years old Mr. Elliot asked, "Grammie?" "What?" "Can I sing for you?".  My first instinct was to say no. I was quite sure silliness was about to invade the room. But then I looked closer at his little face. There was such sincerity and hopefulness in it, that I just couldn't bear to say no, so I didn't.
    He remained silent for a couple of minutes, but his furrowed brow and look of deep concentration, told me he was running things through in his mind before he started. I smiled at him, partly in anticipation. A couple of more minutes passed and then he started singing. Then I had to fight the tears. His tender heart would think the tears meant he was doing a bad job, or some such. There was no way I wanted him to think that! For one, his voice was so clear and pretty sounding. And for two, his face was still deep in concentration and I didn't want tears to interrupt that. So why the tears?
    First of all, was the love filled sweetness of his voice. Just beautiful I tell you! And then there was the fact that the song he was singing, was one of the songs I sing to them. During the course of the song, it actually became a mixture of three of the songs I sing to them, and occasionally the look on his face, or the momentary hesitation in his voice, clued me into the fact that he knew it wasn't coming out quite right, but I always smiled encouraging and he'd continue on.
    The song(s) he sang, were not just songs I sing to them, but he had picked the ones I've made up and sing about them. I sing it/them all of the way through to first Analyse, then Elliot, then Rylee. And while he might of mixed the songs together, the fact that he knew them word for word, that he sang them with such love and that he included me in the list, my heart was overflowing with thrilledness. My little songs mattered to them and HAD impacted them. Thank-you Lord!
    When he was done, I wanted to hug him and squeeze him and kiss him all up, but I shakily kept my self control and told him how beautifully he sang, how much I had enjoyed it and that I was glad he knew I loved him. With an embarrassed little laugh he had said "Thanks Grammie!"  My heart said "Thank-you Lord, for allowing me to have the privilege of this precious little guy as my GRAND son!!!"
    Then six year old Analyse asked if she could sing. More sweetness! Two year old Ms. Rylee was having nothing doing with waiting for a turn of her own. And while she didn't always pronunciate the words, her melody was spot on and oh so cute! My heart was overflowing with love, gratefulness and all sorts of other GRAND motherly feelings.
    After a bit, silliness did try to poke it's head in, so we returned to silence. But them singing to me for a bit at rest time, became the way we did things, that is until silliness started showing up from the get go.
   I enjoy closing my eyes to again see their sweet loved filled faces and hear their beautiful voices singing my songs of love to them. :-]

Monday, January 26, 2015

Sticker SHOCK

     Recently our van was pronounced D.E.A.D. . We had just had this fixed, then it went back in for that, then something else happened. That third time it was the final strike. To fix the latest thing, would involve a total engine tear down / take every thing apart, which is a huge time involved task, and the process there-of would most likely reveal even more problems, which would increase both the parts and the labor.  So the van is dead. It served us well. It has over two hundred and thirteen thousand miles on it. But that means we are currently with out a vehicle of our own.  Thankfully, Papa Honey is loaning us his truck. But we need to get another vehicle of our own.
    Brian had been looking on line, such as Craig's list, etc.. Yesterday we ventured out to look on local used car lots. For one, to see what certain vehicles looked like in person, how much room they really had, etc.. And secondly, to look at how much they were priced for.
     About number one. While some have suggested that it's time for us to move down to a small little car for just Brian and I, that option does not at all fit our life style. It is normal for us to be hauling stuff, or people, or a combination of people and stuff. And sometimes it's our GRAND children and their stuff. Definite priorities to us!
     About 'secondly' - oh  my  word  did  we  get  sticker  shock !!! A particular vehicle we were really drawn to, was nine (9) years old, had over one hundred and thirteen miles on it and yet it was priced at seventeen THOUSAND dollars. And on it went. Till our sticker shock wore into sticker numbness.
    "They must be getting it, since all of them are priced like that", "I know... but how in the world can people afford it?".
   That conversation brought a multitude of various things to mind.
  ~ Things such as, hearing just how many credit cards and loans some people are carrying.
  ~ Things such as, knowing a bunch of people who have filed for bankruptcy.
  ~ Things such as, 'getting' even better why minimum wage employees want the minimum amount drastically raised, yet being confused as to why they don't 'get' that the companies will in turn then just raise all of their prices, because there is no way that companies are going to take a cut in their gross profits. 
  ~ Things such as, a conversation we had with a friend several years ago, about the price the wife had paid for their daughters high school Sr. prom. $400 for a prom dress, then $ for shoes and a manicure and a hair appointment, etc.. Made me question if it was really her Sr. prom or her wedding. I had questioned how many hours he had had to labor to pay for all of that. I was informed that you can't look at things from that perspective any more.
    WHY  NOT ?!?!? Isn't that what you have to do to pay for said expenses?  And if you put those expenses on a charge card, the company adds interest to your balance, thus raising the total you have to pay, which in the end equals that many more hours you have to work. It really does boil down to being that simple. And it really does equal out to that vicious of a cycle. But that IS the way it is!
     Another thing which came to mind, was part of the Laura Ingalls Wilder book, 'Farmer Boy'. In the particular section which came to mind, the dad was teaching the son the value of money. And how before you could spend it, you had to earn it. And when you looked at something you thought you wanted, you had to keep in mind just how long and how much effort was it going to take you to earn that amount. Once you thought all of that through, you could then make a realistic decision about whether or not you wanted to purchase or even start saving towards said item. 
    Seems to me, that the world needs to start spending an hour every Sunday afternoon, reading their way through that book! And reading it aloud. That way more senses are involved and thus the truths therein are more likely to get grasped / sink in. 
    If "how your going to pay for it" doesn't actually figure in, as in, how in the world do you realistically plan on paying off that loan, or that credit card, or that mortgage, etc., then no wonder people are literally drowning in debt. No wonder businesses are going belly up. No wonder our national economy is in the condition it's in. People need to read that simple children's story and take heed of the wisdom contained there-in!!!
   So how are we going to get a new vehicle? Honestly, we're not sure yet. We've placed the situation in God's hands. He's proven time and time again that He is capable of both providing for us and of doing "the impossible" (things we refer to as 'miracles'). We are ever so thankfully that He is and does! ! !